Topic outline

  • General

  • Process Description

    In this Moodle course, you will:

                                • learn how to write a process description.
                                • read about how to structure a text.
                                • learn about passive voice
                                • have a look at some linking words and phrases.
                                • practice using some formal and informal synonyms.
                                • have a go at describing some processes.

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  • Vocabulary Learning


    In this Moodle course, you will:

                                • find out what type of learner you are and how that can help you choose the right methods.
                                • learn some practical methods for learning vocabulary.
                                • get some tips on how to work out the meaning of unknown words from context.
                                • learn about collocations and how they can help improve the vocabulary learning process.
                                • take a look at phrasal verbs.
                                • find out how your mother tongue can help (and hinder) you when learning English vocabulary.

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  • Money

    a bank note and some coins

    In this Moodle course, you will:

                                • learn and practise money-based vocabulary, as well as idioms to help you sound more like a native.
                                • look at the form and use of the conditionals and practise them.
                                • look at the basic differences between numbers in English and numbers in German.
                                • learn about famous math days.
                                • practise describing different kinds of charts, such as bar graphs and pie graphs.

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  • Presentations

    a microphone

    In this Moodle course, you will:

                                • learn some tips and tricks on giving a good presentation.
                                • find out some tips on making handouts to accompany you presentations, including some example handouts.
                                • practice useful words and phrases that can be used in presentations.
                                • consider online presentations how they compare to traditional face-to-face presentations.

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  • Vocabulary Training

    In this Moodle course, you will:

                                • find lists of useful vocabulary from specific fields, such as architecture, finance and tourism.
                                • have the opportunity to practise the vocabulary through digital flashcards and vocabulary sets.
                                • be able to test your vocabulary knowledge through randomised vocabulary quizzes.

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  • Grammar Videos and Quizzes

    video camera
    In this Moodle course, you will learn about:

                                • the present simple and continuous
                                • the past simple and continuous
                                • the present perfect simple and continuous
                                • future forms
                                • the passive voice
                                • modals
                                • conditionals
                                • collocations with make and do
                                • question forms

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  • Listening Practice


    In this Moodle course, you will:

                                • have some tasks that help with listening practice.
                                • learn some phrasal verbs and idioms as well as their usage in everyday English.
                                • find out about some cultural norms in England from the perspective of an exchange student.

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